Delivering a Connected Society - A National Broadband Plan for Ireland

Delivering a Connected Society 

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An update on the National Broadband Plan April 2014 is available here

This Plan sets out the strategy to deliver high speed broadband throughout Ireland. Specifically, it will facilitate broadband download speeds of 70Mbps with a minimum of 40Mbps generally available and 30Mbps available in harder to reach rural areas. A great deal of the acceleration will happen in the early years of the Plan through the commercial delivery of minimum speeds of 70Mbps to 50% of the population by 2015, with the expectation that speeds of up to 100Mbps will be available to the majority of premises in this category.

This Plan will deliver on these targets by leveraging investment from both the private and public sectors.

In order to drive commercial rollout of high speed broadband, the Government is committed to a range of actions that will facilitate the more efficient rollout of infrastructure including addressing planning and road opening challenges, assisting in getting citizens and businesses online, measures relating to spectrum policy and maximising the use of State assets where possible.

This Plan provides for a greater level of ambition than that set out in the European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe with at least 30Mbps connectivity being available to all citizens well ahead of the target, and a substantial proportion of the country being able to access considerably higher speeds.

This National Broadband Plan is informed by the findings of the report of the Next Generation Broadband Taskforce, the outcome of the public consultation process and subsequent economic and technical analysis. It builds on previous policies and interventions to address market failure since the market was first liberalised.

The first steps in implementing this Plan are:
completion of a formal national mapping exercise to determine the exact position in relation to existing and planned broadband services throughout the country. The outcome of this exercise will inform a design and procurement process for State intervention. EU State Aid approval will also be required and will be informed by the mapping exercise

A High Level Implementation Group, chaired by DCENR, will be established to oversee the implementation of the deliverables identified under the various categories in this Plan.

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